Android [adjective]

Definition of Android:

like a man

Synonyms of Android:

Opposite/Antonyms of Android:


Sentence/Example of Android:

Without endorsing Singer’s line of reasoning, we might wonder if it can be extended further to an android robot like Data.

A normal android has protective mechanisms that make accidents and subsequent discovery impossible.

The doors opened automatically, and a smiling android, gaily featured and clothed, conducted him to a table.

Maybe pick up another android, maybe even take her home: have a redhead for awhile, maybe.

Hilton leaned forward and walloped the android a tremendous blow on the knee.

If we accept the need-of-data theory, which we have to, what would the tenth android be doing?

He went to one knee and Brent Taber fired three shots into the chest of the android.

Android construction guaranteed throughout at rock bottom prices.

The tenth android looked both ways in the corridor and then closed the door.

The blood-fluid spouted out and drained down over the chest of the ninth android.