Androids [noun]

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The androids were physically perfect, flesh meeting flesh, clinging to it, thrilling with it.

With the obvious source of the androids logically deduced, there was only his own defensive procedures to be considered.

According to Brent Taber, these androids are men, to all intents and purposes, but they're manufactured.

One of the androids had been found in the East River with its throat slit and a broken leg.

You said yourself that the androids probably possessed extraordinary powers.

These androids, it seems, look exactly like Tom Smith down the block except that they'd just as soon cut your throat as not.

I wish I could get some of the data those creatures used in the construction of the androids.

On Mars we have many androids, each constructed to perform a specific task.

There are almost a thousand androids in the Creche as of this morning.

And since a cult must have an object of group hate as a raison-d'etre, he chose the androids.