Anecdotes [noun]

Definition of Anecdotes:

interesting or amusing story

Synonyms of Anecdotes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anecdotes:


Sentence/Example of Anecdotes:

If many anecdotes lack originality, they are still good stories, enhanced by an audiobook’s power to give listeners the immediacy of voices.

She writes of political passion dispassionately, with well-tempered anecdotes and salient facts.

End with a brief anecdote or recollection about the deceased that shows him in a good light, and of which the widow may not have been aware.

Never mind that the numbers of votes involved are insignificant or that such anecdotes would count for little in the courts or legislatures where a contested outcome would be decided.

The research, conducted by two economists at UK universities, suggests this phenomenon is more than just anecdote.

He likes to have plenty of time to express all his ideas and tell you a good many anecdotes in between!

They consisted of travels, reflections, plans of literary works, and personal anecdotes.

Scotland is perhaps the only country whose anecdotes alone would suffice to give an exact idea of her inhabitants.

Irish anecdotes are exceedingly droll; but they only tend to show the thoughtless side of the Irish character.

There are a good many anecdotes afloat about him and his odd way of doing things, before he grew up to manhood.