Anemias [noun]

Definition of Anemias:

blood deficiency

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Sentence/Example of Anemias:

Economists believe high rates of iron-deficiency anemia also have a macroeconomic effect, reducing individual productivity by as much as 40% and reducing GDP by over 1%.

Inhibiting sickling would reduce cell lysis — where the cell’s outer membrane is broken — and improve anemia, possibly reducing episodes of pain.

Three days after celebrating his 60th birthday this month, he was admitted to a clinic in La Plata with anemia and dehydration.

Maradona, who turned 60 on Friday, was initially hospitalized Monday with symptoms of anemia, dehydration and depression, per reports.

For example, CRISPR Therapeutics has ongoing clinical trials employing CRISPR-Cas9 to fix sickle cell anemia, as well as another blood condition known as beta thalassemia.

Lead can cause reproductive harm and gastrointestinal issues, along with anemia, memory issues, and depression.

It occurs in well-marked cases of pernicious anemia and leukemia, and, much less commonly, in very severe symptomatic anemias.

In pernicious anemia they are always greatly diminished, and an increase should exclude the diagnosis of this disease.

(b) In secondary anemia plaques are generally increased, although sometimes decreased.

Megaloblasts are found in pernicious anemia, and with extreme rarity in any other condition.