Anemic [adjective]

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The obvious problem is on the other side of the ball, where a quarterback combination of Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky has made for one of the league’s most anemic passing attacks.

Before the pandemic struck, Clorox was struggling with anemic sales growth.

Your tires won’t roll you anywhere if they’re spinning in the mud, and factory tires are generally pretty anemic.

Current private investment into these technologies is anemic.

When I see Chet and Laura anemic, or otherwise sickly, as the result of their out-of-door sports or gym.

She finally becomes anemic and neurasthenic and a misanthrope.

I have been made fairly "giddy," as the Englishmen say, by this anemic conversation at country clubs.

I said,” looking at Pen, “that I feared you were anemic, and then I had to describe the word minutely.

Below the edges of these anemic patched garments, loomed one old boot and one shoe, laced crookedly with a piece of rawhide.

He would confront that anemic Deputy-Commissioner and at least let him know what one honest man thought of him.