Anemometer [noun]

Definition of Anemometer:

meteorological station

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Sentence/Example of Anemometer:

This oil was used to lubricate the anemometer and other instruments exposed outside.

He was also busied with the anemometer, which had broken down and needed a strong start for its second year of usefulness.

Anemometer, a-ne-mom′et-ėr, n. an instrument for measuring the velocity or pressure of the wind.

The velocity of the wind was ascertained by an anemometer of the best London make.

Very early in his investigations Langley thought he received through watching the anemometer a clue to the mystery of flight.

This anemometer should be fixed in an exposed situation, as high above ground as may be convenient for reading.

The wind whirled the vanes round like the cups of an anemometer, and thus kept the birds away from the zone of danger.

The watch, anemometer and revolution counter were all automatically started and stopped simultaneously.

The anemometer house, which is shown in our illustration, is connected with the main house by a tunnel.

He has evidently been out taking the meteorological observations, as he holds the anemometer in one hand.