Anemones [noun]

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“Probably these slicing teeth allowed it to process a huge range of foods,” says Longrich, noting that dogfish sharks use their teeth to chop up everything from fish to sea anemones.

Sad faery blossoms secret scents distil In trackless solitudes; nor ever will The lone anemone her lover find!

Anemone Cottage was built partly of boulders taken from the shore.

Miss Martha was very proud of her dining-room at Anemone Cottage.

The plant is closely related to the anemone, which is sometimes called the wind flower.

But this legend was not followed by the other classical writers, who made the Anemone to be the flower of Adonis.

A crystalline substance found in the leaves of several species of anemone, viz.

The Rector was sitting in the library, hard at work rubbing the fluff from the anemone seeds with sand.

Perhaps you have watched an open Anemone in a pool, or in a glass tank, and seen it at its meals.

Thus the tips of many poisoned threads enter the skin of any soft animal which is unlucky enough to touch an Anemone.