Anent [preposition]

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The main object of his official progress was to collect information for new legislation anent the municipalities.

Many other lords made vows anent sundry matters, & all men drank the heirship ale.

Then the King said that they would first of all keep quiet and learn more particulars anent this host.

Not until we had returned from that first duty did she listen to what was told her anent the movements of the English.

MacGonigal seemed to regard this personal inquiry anent his well-being as affording a safe means of escape from a dilemma.

He wished to give his evidence anent the fate of the State-educated juvenile population.

There had all along been a great deal of chopping and changing anent the position of the Mafeking garrison.

The much debated topic anent the likelihood of the Sixth Division being sent to join Methuen was settled at last—to our chagrin.

The blonde stenographer who had made the admiring remark anent his eyes would have appreciated those features now.

Neither of these two giants had taken part in these deliberations anent the new religion and the new goddess.