Anesthetics [noun]

Definition of Anesthetics:

sleep-inducing or numbing drug

Synonyms of Anesthetics:

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Sentence/Example of Anesthetics:

You noticed an operating table in the center of the room and in a corner a little stand for anesthetics.

The mortality of childbirth has been reduced to about one-fifth of what it was by the introduction of antiseptics and anesthetics.

Every nerve was tense as if he were awaiting an operation without anesthetics.

A number of the anesthetics are irritating for the skin; chloroform in particular.

The organism destroys most local anesthetics so rapidly that the rate of absorption is more important than the absolute dose.

People suffering from lung disease are often erotically inclined, and anesthetics affect the breathing.

My notion of a chair is something on which a body can sit for as long as half an hour without anesthetics.

Such anesthetics as the surgeons had were poor in quality and insufficient in quantity.

They have not given anesthetics to these animals, but they have been guilty of the last step in cruelty.

So, it is impossible for the defenders of vivisection to show any good that has been accomplished without the use of anesthetics.