Anew [adverb]

Definition of Anew:

fresh; again

Synonyms of Anew:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anew:


Sentence/Example of Anew:

Patients that delayed their maintenance treatments for months were desperate to begin anew their beauty regimen after seeing what a difference it made to their appearance.

Surely it is not what they were expecting, but with the power of search in their hands, they can begin their adventure anew.

Kinder Morgan may still have operable treatment facilities it used to clean the water before dumping it into the creek – but it’s unclear if the city would be willing to take it over or build anew.

Apple is looking to establish itself anew in India—but it’s not the only one.

Federal and state officials are looking anew at Amazon’s power, most prominently through Congress’ big tech hearing in late July and state-level antitrust investigations.

Well, that sounded very encouraging, he thought, so he took hope anew that it would be accepted.

An offer which Jane received from a very honest, industrious, and thrifty jeweler, aroused anew a mother's maternal solicitude.

But Garnache's rash temper, rising anew, tore that last flimsy chance to shreds.

The sight of his quietly watchful eyes, his grimly smiling lips, seemed to infuse courage into her anew.

"It would be idle," came Wilding's icy voice to quench the gleam of hope kindling anew in Richard's breast.