Angelic [adjective]

Definition of Angelic:

sweet, kind, and usually beautiful

Synonyms of Angelic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Angelic:

Sentence/Example of Angelic:

He uses it at will to be vulgar, angelic or diabolical, male or female.

But if you restrict it, to the sense in which it is commonly applied to the angelic sex, I am not prepared to answer.

Brahma was the prince of the angelic army; Vishnu and Siva were His coadjutors.

Although homely, her suffering and timid figure breathed an angelic kindness.

And a more angelic creetur' in his kindness to the afflicted never walked this earth.

We may now proceed to the consideration of the angelic mythology of the Old and New Testaments.

It is clear that such a writer does not conceive the possible existence of angelic women.

We may, indeed, affirm that a belief in angelic mythology is wholly incompatible with an enlightened religion.

Its hiding-place was discovered by angelic music which issued from the mouth of the cave on every vigil of the holy apostle.

Undoubtedly I made a fool of myself and this is her angelic way of letting me down.