Angelical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Angelical:

Or was it well to conjure up angelical or supernatural persons to repeat it?

He was called "the angelical doctor," exciting the enthusiasm of his age for his learning and piety and genius alike.

He wrote a nonsensical rhapsody, called the Angelical Guide, shewing men and women their lot and chance in this elementary life.

When I saw that angelical creature in tears for the sake of her brother, I could restrain myself no longer.

Feltre's view of women sees the devilish or the angelical; and to most men women are knaves or ninnies.

In the twelfth century one lady was said to recite every day sixty angelical salutations.

Benozzo Gozzoli was the favourite pupil of the "angelical painter," Fra Angelico.

I saw her fade rapidly away; beautiful, and more beautiful, and more angelical to the last.

I saw in their order and outcome the Divine world, the angelical world, paradise, and then this fallen and dark world of our own.

The angelical character of the forehead gradually spread downwards, and in time tempered even the ferocity of the terrible jaw.