Angelus [noun]

Definition of Angelus:

set of bells

Synonyms of Angelus:

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Sentence/Example of Angelus:

The Angelus will be ringing from all the towers, I shall have celebrated my return to the city that I have loved.

Certainly those bells were passing glad and very sweet, and they were ringing, too, the Angelus.

The Angelus had sounded, and the Sacristan wished to close the church.

The same incident is renewed in the evening, between six and seven o'clock, when the bell sounds for the Angelus (Oraciones).

Bene autem vigilantibus pastoribus angelus apparet, eosque Dei claritas circumfulget.

One day, while he was in the apothecary shop, the Angelus bell rang, and she asked him to say the Angelus.

Angelus Satan, vel quisquis est diabolus mortis ita me fatigat.

In strong contrast stands out that more rugged Tower of Isaac Angelus.

No courier was required to tell its history to him through whose eyes we are now looking—it was the tower of Isaac Angelus.

No matter—the Prince recalled sessions had with Angelus on the upper balcony yonder.