Angered [adjective]

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This hilarious, moving novel is also charged with a current of understated anger.

In fact, she expects the percentage of people grappling with it will double from 10% to 20% as the pandemic continues, not just because of personal loss or existential guilt, but building anger in the midst of a hyper-politicized atmosphere.

Danish mink farmers and the center-right opposition bloc have voiced anger over the planned cull, which they’ve characterized as an overreaction.

Demoralization, he says, involves experiencing a loss of meaning and purpose in life, accompanied by frustration, anger and a feeling that one is fighting a losing battle.

The police union’s lawsuit cited the growing anger over police violence as a reason to hide their names.

That seems to confirm that their anger may have been sparked not just by Whitmer’s lockdown orders, but also the fact that she’s a woman.

The companies understand that the fear and anger are what keep us glued to our screens.

Years of excess earnings, however, have driven public anger.

The current power struggle in Kyrgyzstan is not such an existential prospect for the Kremlin, though the image of a flawed election being overturned through popular anger is likely an uncomfortable one for Putin.

No residents were hurt, and only a parked rental car was damaged, but the crash heightened locals’ anger with the industry.