Angering [verb]

Definition of Angering:

make someone mad; become mad

Synonyms of Angering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Angering:

Sentence/Example of Angering:

By relaying his own experiences with childhood hunger, Rashford created a groundswell of anger with the decision.

It was replaced, almost instantaneously, by an overwhelming anger at the current administration, which would prefer that we all experience our own private covid hell.

Then again, watching the family go through their cycle of denial, anger and sadness as I give them the phone call that their loved one is indeed dying.

As part of the deal, he must pay a fine, take an anger management class and write apology letters to all of the deputies involved in the incident.

Giraldo’s death has only increased their anger because they have previously documented numerous complaints of abuses and excess use of force by soldiers and the police.

Unless concrete fixes are made, “popular anger is here to stay,” writes the National Review’s Mathis Bitton.

If you fear man so greatly that you dare not do righteously for fear of angering men, then slavish fear is your God.

The temper of the people was such that any little thing angering them would have been as a spark to gunpowder.

Still she was silent, for the sarcasm in Erskines voice was angering her.

The problem of how to get aid to the Czechs without angering the Russian people is a big one for the allied statesmen.