Angers [noun]

Definition of Angers:

state of being mad, annoyed

Opposite/Antonyms of Angers:

Sentence/Example of Angers:

He was nearly half a century bishop of Angers, and devoted himself incessantly to the duties of his office.

In 1850 a suspension bridge at Angers gave way when 487 soldiers were marching over it, and 226 were killed.

The travelers had arrived at a cross-road where the highway of Nantes to Angers forked off.

We had intended to have reposed ourselves at Angers, but Mons.

The general appearance of Angers does not correspond with the magnificence of its walls, its castle, and its cathedral.

I do not believe that there is one merchant of independent fortune now resident within the walk of Angers.

Nothing can be more delightful than the environs of Angers, whether for those who walk or ride.

When we left Angers, we had ordered our letters to be addressed for us at Avignon.

The next day, Bussy left Angers before the most wakeful bourgeois had had their breakfast.

One afternoon, however, about four o'clock, M. de Monsoreau arrived on horseback at the gates of Angers.