Angina [noun]

Definition of Angina:

disease of the heart

Synonyms of Angina:

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Sentence/Example of Angina:

Vincent's angina is a chronic pseudomembranous and ulcerative inflammation of pharynx and tonsils.

In pseudo-angina, frequently observed in hysterical women, its action is all that can be desired.

It was the first positive manifestation of the angina which eventually would take him from us.

It is a curious malady—that angina; even the doctors are acquainted with its manifestations, rather than its cause.

Arnold died of a disease of the heart, which physicians have named by the expressive words "angina pectoris."

I lately met with two cases which had been considered and treated as angina pectoris.

This has nearly disappeared, but he is still free from angina.

I thought it was clearly established that Jimmie died from angina pectoris?

"From angina pectoris," finished Kent, as the detective paused.

I shall not at all complain if it takes the usual course, only wishing to avoid Angina, or some such form of the Disease.