Angled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Angled:

The mesh shelves can be angled to support multiple books and magazines or they can be installed flat.

The angled design makes it even easier to watch little tropical fish dart around.

The angled handle is comfortable and features a finger guard to protect your hand from any slippage.

The prince had gestured to me when we had entered to a ledge that angled upward from the gully, and I knew now what he had meant.

His head angled into a long whiskered snout, so pointed that from above the shrew looked like a big pen.

Their sharply angled bodies whisking back toward the depleted uranium cells, four cats appeared with shocking suddenness.

Figure 61 represents a right-angled triangle, A and B forming a right angle.

Tube surface: Olive-yellow, becoming bluish where bruised; tube openings rather large, angled, and unequal in size.

Tube surface: Yellow or yellowish green, becoming bluish when bruised; opening of tubes large and angled.

She quickly realised that the husband she had so cleverly angled for had for the third time escaped capture.