Angles [noun]

Definition of Angles:

shape formed by two lines meeting at a point

Synonyms of Angles:

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Sentence/Example of Angles:

The tower has four clock faces, pinnacles at the angles, and a steep slate roof and is 120 feet high.

Not far from it was placed a tea-table, close to a big sofa which stood out at right angles from the wall.

The road had been built for bringing down lumber, and for six miles it was at perilous angles.

Four stairs from the bottom it turns round at right angles and deposits you fairly in the hall.

You see, a Frenchman and an Englishman or an American, view marriage from entirely different angles.

The position tried him sorely, testing his new strength from such amazing and unexpected angles.

The same would be the case if the polar axis of one sphere stood precisely at right angles to that of the other.

They are for the most part straight, and intersect each other at approximate right angles.

As before noted, these ice fractures when drawn out naturally form fissures at right angles to the direction of the strain.

White cliffs stretched high above the camp, with pine-trees growing at all angles from the interstices of rock.