Angrier [adjective]

Definition of Angrier:

being mad, often extremely mad

Opposite/Antonyms of Angrier:

Sentence/Example of Angrier:

Yes, of course I was sorry for Mataafa, but a good deal sorrier and angrier about the mismanagement of all the white officials.

"I know my men were working hard all the time right under my eyes," said the Lieutenant, growing angrier every minute.

But Elvira only grew angrier still and told me that she would look for another friend, if I chose to preach to her.

He was angrier when I handed him back his patent, and told him that I did not care to be the last-made noble of a dynasty.

Lop-Ear was a year older than I, but I was several times angrier than he, and in the end he took to his heels.

No sooner had the junior partner read the paper than he seemed angrier than was usual with him.

Leeuw was getting angrier and angrier, and he could hardly see—his eyes were so full of dust.

Governor de los Rios grew angrier yet, and refused to help the obstinate castaways.

The fiercer the wind blew, the angrier grew the ocean, the higher rose Armitage's spirits.

The angrier our cocher became the more frequently he was told to put on his brake and hold tight to the reins.