Angrily [adverb]

Definition of Angrily:

with anger

Synonyms of Angrily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Angrily:

Sentence/Example of Angrily:

She then angrily stormed west on Kennedy Street, leading marchers as they continued to scream demands for justice.

Roberts, in a live Fox News hit after the briefing, responded angrily to critics of his question.

He was beset by his sensitive dislike to mix in other people's affairs, but almost angrily he overcame it.

She hissed at him angrily, and made a threatening gesture with her hands, which sent him slinking back to the darkness.

Rabecque swore angrily and bitterly, and his vexation had two entirely separate sources.

“I would be shamed to death,” Jessie declared, her face flushing almost angrily, for sometimes Amy did try her.

"I don't believe in such folly," cried Dorothy angrily, wrenching her hand from the woman's grasp.

"I thought we had the legislature up yonder tamed," he said, angrily, as he entered the office.

He colored angrily, then laughed an excited, reckless laugh, and gathered the reins which had been hanging loose.

"I am more at ease without it," said the boy, flinging the velvet square angrily across the room.