Angst [noun]

Definition of Angst:

feeling of anxiety

Synonyms of Angst:

Opposite/Antonyms of Angst:

Sentence/Example of Angst:

Kristi says not all of the songs are autobiographical, but snapshots into a world that rebrands teen angst as a lesson about never underestimating your own feelings.

The angst among CSL workers began in March, when corporate guidance stated that “a mask does not adequately protect healthy people from an infection of coronavirus.”

I’m a university professor, so I see lots of 18- to 22-year-olds who have their fair share of angst.

So this just creates a level of angst that makes people even more cautious than they would be if they were simply just thinking the expansion would run out of gas because it’s old.

Her situation is a very difficult one; and "die Angst," she says, often brings on a pain at her heart.

As used in the early eighteenth century, the term "hyp" was perhaps not far from what our century has learned to call Angst.