Anguished [adjective]

Definition of Anguished:

unhappy, depressed

Opposite/Antonyms of Anguished:

Sentence/Example of Anguished:

The work starts with a famously anguished opening melody and ends with a major-key tutti celebration.

"Oh, ma'amselle," faltered the girl stopping short and looking at Xenie's anguished face.

She disappeared into the inner room where the body was lying, and a few seconds later I heard a low and anguished cry.

How crass and blind had been his anguished spirit when first it quivered under the shock of her disappearance!

Faint and trembling, he gazed down upon her as they strolled along, compelling her soft eyes to meet his anguished ones.

For one moment the white, anguished face rests against his breast, then she opens her eyes and struggles from his clasp.

But when he met his mother's anguished imploring look, Geoff felt in his little forlorn heart a courage which was more than man.

Lydia broke in with a loud voice of anguished questioning: “Do they make them better men?”

He put a throttling hand over the anguished voice, and looked dumbly at Bean.

He had not known that anguished mothers wept such bitter tears.