Anguishing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Anguishing:

Parents lament what their children are experiencing — and many struggle with their own anguish.

Hathaway is often a charming actor, and Ejiofor can be a great one—he’s lovely here, giving shape and depth to his character’s anxieties, and to his unspoken anguish over losing Linda.

A mother in anguish because her daughter’s anorexia has turned the family dinner table into a war zone.

His past life, his daughter, and his wife appear to him as so many enigmas which raise anguishing questions in his heart.

We resumed our seats, but had hardly done so, when a deep and most anguishing groan was heard, that pierced our very hearts.

An anguishing desire for the safe and wholesome Present usurped all this mad yearning to obtain the Past.

Justin felt it again now, deeper than hunger, more anguishing than thirst.

The wild steed sought to fling up his head to shake off this anguishing weight of seventy odd pounds.

And, most anguishing of all, there was no chance that there was a mistake.

And there is something still more anguishing than suffering.