Anhydrous [adjective]

Definition of Anhydrous:

without water

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Sentence/Example of Anhydrous:

Anhydrous, an-hī′drus, adj. a term applied to a chemical substance free from water.

Even in this state, soda contains 23 per cent of water, and only 77 per cent of pure anhydrous soda.

The anhydrous hydrogen peroxide obtained by Wolffenstein boils at 84-85C.

The re-crystallised and pure salt is used for preparing the anhydrous sulphate, which is used for detecting moisture in gases.

By exposure to a red heat the carbonic acid may be expelled, and the earth rendered anhydrous.

Louyet has shown that the liquid acid, obtained as above, is not (as once believed) anhydrous.

To this last is joined a drying-tube containing chloride of calcium and anhydrous copper sulphate.

On evaporating these solutions it is volatilised, although the anhydrous oxide is "fixed" at a red heat.

This compound is water-soluble, but caffein can not be extracted from the crystals with anhydrous solvents.

The metallic salts all crystallize in the anhydrous condition and decompose on heating, leaving a residue of the pure metal.