Animadversions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Animadversions:

It is a pleasure which must console me for having subjected myself to his just animadversion on another occasion.

Some of my more lively remarks called out very sharp animadversion.

With regard to ingratitude, there will be a proper time for animadversion on this charge.

Albina soon perceived herself to be an object of remark and animadversion, and she was sadly at a loss to divine the cause.

The exorciser also occasionally laid himself open to inquisitorial animadversion.

What I contest is the self-exploitation to which he is prone, so lacking in dignity and open to animadversion.

The extent and duration of this spiritual conspiracy seemed to render it everyday more deserving of his animadversion.

More than once, indeed, the annoyance has been the subject of regretful animadversion.

That unlucky poem to my poor Mary has been the cause of some animadversion from ladies in years.

I put them to mark the places which call for vengeance upon the vixen writer, or which require animadversion.