Animadverting [verb]

Definition of Animadverting:

comment, remark

Synonyms of Animadverting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Animadverting:

Sentence/Example of Animadverting:

Indeed, L. Mozart fails to animadvert on the main entertainment of the Viennese, the barbarous baiting of wild animals.

But what, sir, have those urged in defence of their own opinions, who so freely animadvert upon the reasonings of others?

The deficiency in our Treasury has been too notorious to make it necessary for me to animadvert upon that subject.

Nor have I been solicitous to animadvert, as thou wentest along, upon thy inventions, and their tendency.

It is with regret that I animadvert on such a veteran in literature as Mr. Cumberland.

I disdained to animadvert on these defects, naturally supposing that his house could furnish no better.

It is not our business to animadvert upon these lines; we are not critics, but historians.

In conclusion, let me animadvert upon the injustice with which, to its own loss, society has treated mesmerism.

It was not on the shrinking at the moment that one would animadvert so much as on the previous bragging.

I shall not take upon me to animadvert upon this; but certain it is, that Johnson paid great attention to Taylor.