Animalcule [noun]

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This is a one-celled animal known as the paramœcium or the slipper animalcule (because of its shape).

Indeed, too sadly so, and I dare apply but a flash of the microscope to the rageing dilemmas of this animalcule.

These movements are termed amoebiform, because they quite resemble the movements of a small animalcule which is named amoeba.

Shall physical or chemical forces explain why the animalcule digs into the hard clay?

At one end of the ascending scale of organic life we see an animalcule swimming in the direction in which it is attracted by food.

What is the essential difference between the action of the animalcule and that of the martyr?

And poor, puny man, what a mere speck—a mere infinitisimal animalcule.

That animalcule there, in the pea-jacket, is Louis Philippe, just landed on the coast of England.

It is wisdom to respect the infinitely little, for God comes close behind the animalcule, life simplified to a mere cell.

In the light of such a rle the animalcule takes on a new interest.