Animalism [noun]

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It is difficult to give the reader an idea of the utter animalism, if I may so term it, of p. 53rural life some fifty years ago.

"The supremacy of love," meaning the supremacy of animalism, is the excuse for undermining the very foundations of family life.

We are persistently taught that we are animals and nothing more,let us therefore not be ashamed of animalism.

The greater animalism of man also comes out here in full force.

Then worse than this, still greater multitudes are prompted to this union by sensuous desires—base animalism.

Essentially, Andrew Vane was very clean, with an instinctive revulsion from whatever savoured of animalism or sensuality.

Passion is reduced to mere animalism, and is depicted with the brutal directness of Hogarth.

Your cotton-spinning and thrice-miraculous mechanism, what is this too, by itself, but a larger kind of Animalism?

Therefore, as now evolved, man could not live apart from his fellows without falling back into a state of animalism.

Whitman has vindicated, and vindicated finely, the inherent truth and beauty of animalism.