Animals [noun]

Definition of Animals:

animate being; mammal

Synonyms of Animals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Animals:

Sentence/Example of Animals:

The same outpourings of affection are seen in the dealings of children with their toy babies and animals.

Very charmingly is this respect for rule exhibited in all dealings with animals, also dolls and other pets.

Beginning with single twigs and working over them patiently she at length painted whole trees, and later animals.

The wave-like movement of these animals is particularly graceful and cleverly done.

Robinson looked at him suspiciously as he took it, and the animals eyed him with evident distrust.

The early recognition of pictured objects, of which certain animals have a measure, is often strikingly discerning.

At this the animals stared mournfully at him for a moment, and then rose up and walked gravely away.

A rich harvest was offered in New France, where the natives lived almost like animals, without any knowledge of God.

He went into the nursery, unearthed the now-disused Noah's Ark, and sucked the paint off as many animals as remained.

Squinty looked at the beautiful wagons, and at the strange animals, some with big humps on their backs.