Animating [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Animating:

I am not looking at it now from the point of view of its spiritual faculties, but only as force animating the human being.

The great room slowly cleared; the precise and animating music of a gavotte came sharply across the laughter and talk.

The fundamental difference was that the sentiment animating them was not love, but fear: propitiation rather than adoration.

With such feelings animating both sides, it was quite evident that the result would have to be decided on the field of battle.

The language should be appropriate to the emotions supposed to be animating the character who is speaking.

Tromp, gallantly animating his men, with his sword drawn, was shot through the heart with a musket ball.

There is not in religion a nobler or a more animating sentiment, than this perpetual advancement of the soul towards perfection.

No principles of wise government had place in any mind, a blunt and jolly personalism as to the Ins and Outs animating all.

The author has gone to the Koran itself for the animating purpose of Mohammeds strenuous and noble life.

Superhuman strength animating him for a moment he struggled up, his swart face stiffening, his eyes flashing.