Anklet [noun]

Definition of Anklet:

precious stones, metals worn as decoration

Synonyms of Anklet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anklet:

Sentence/Example of Anklet:

Behind her the peacock halo, her pale pigeon-toed feet covered only by the watered-yellow fringe and by the bright-yellow anklet.

Seaton then tried to make Nalboon understand that they wanted copper, pointing to his anklet, the only copper in sight.

They wear instead a chain anklet which they can work on themselves.

She wore an anklet, and would often sit upon a table, and let it fall down over her foot to show it.

And I didn't take your gold anklet as a bribe, though I didn't take you for too much of a gentleman in offering it to me.

Yusuf was free, save, of course, that a length of heavy chain was dangling from his steel anklet.

Anklet with two knobs, formed of two pieces screwed together.

He led the way, holding the anklet all the time close to his eyes, and turning it round.

On their feet children and young girls wear the paijan or hollow anklet with tinkling balls inside.

But when a married woman has had two or three children she leaves off the paijan and wears a solid anklet like the tora or kasa.