Annalists [noun]

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Such works are highly valuable, but they are so to the annalist or historian rather than the ordinary reader.

The Annalist is unsparing in his condemnation of the attempts made at various times to change them.

What were the causes of this war, wrote a Hungarian annalist, are not to be ascertained.

This strange transaction rests on the authority of the contemporary annalist Hoveden.

The annalist at Margan enters also the year 1210 as a sickly one throughout England.

His successor in the office of annalist at St Albans, Rishanger, is much less trustworthy.

Under the year 1393 one annalist states that many died in Essex in September and October, on the pestilence setting in.

He excused himself, says the Croyland annalist, on the ground that he was suffering from the sweating sickness.

So great pestilence, says the St Albans annalist, under the year 1407, had not been seen for many years.

In 1795, the year of the yellow fever plague, Bernard Hart rendered heroic service, as is testified by a contemporary annalist.