Annealing [verb]

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As the hammering hardens the metal it is necessary to anneal it each time after going over the surface.

As the hammering goes on the metal becomes brittle and hard, and then it is passed though the fire to anneal or soften it.

Malleable or wrought iron, if subjected to pressure, becomes brittle, and it is necessary to anneal it.

Throw an asbestos rag over the joint, loosen one pair of the clamps slightly, and leave the joint to anneal.

When the colours are properly burnt in, the fire is suffered to die away, so as to anneal the glass.

And without these chastening factors to temper, soften and anneal, the sex-relation is a fierce and tyrannous concern.

When this stage is reached anneal the work carefully and see that the glass is not too thin.

The glass portions of the pump I have contrived to anneal completely by the simple means mentioned below.

A light fall of snow that was split into festers by the guns before it could anneal the ancient sores.

Even a small wood fire would give you heat enough to anneal any size pieces you wish.