Annexations [noun]

Definition of Annexations:

adding, joining

Synonyms of Annexations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annexations:

Sentence/Example of Annexations:

During the past decade, the population of three cities has been materially increased through annexation.

On the annexation of Holland to France, he entered the French service with the rank of full colonel.

Tyler approved the annexation of Texas to the Union near the end of his Presidential administration.

The people can claim no rights than such as are known to exist previous to their annexation.

In Virginia, annexation is determined by a panel of three judges, only one of whom is a resident of the county involved.

A more important event occurred in the annexation of Scinde to our dominions in the East.

Other causes contributed to the unpopularity of the ministers, among them the French annexation of Corsica.

Another argument urged upon the Kurds by the bishop was that the coming of the English meant annexation in the near future.

The annexation of the eastern towns in 1757 marks an important period in the history of Rhode Island.

The close proximity of that town to the valley made it desirable for annexation to the empire.