Annexed [verb]

Definition of Annexed:

join or add

Synonyms of Annexed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annexed:

Sentence/Example of Annexed:

The America that they annexed to Europe was merely a new domain added to a world already old.

Whenever fixtures annexed to real estate retain the character of personal property they may be mortgaged.

An implied warranty as to quality or fitness for a particular purpose may also be annexed by the usage of trade.

Is there any other engraved portrait of her in existence beside the one annexed to the several editions of her poems?

Indeed, that word is frequently annexed to the figure as if to show more distinctly its meaning, as in Figs. 42 and 43.

Ten bishoprics were to be abolished, and the vacated sees were to be annexed to those preserved.

Annexed to the other papers is one which I was at first inclined to suppose had made its way among them by mistake.

On its overthrow by Akbar in 1572, it was annexed to the Mogul empire and governed by a Nawab.

Old Lo Tsin had got it recorded in the English courts in '53, when they annexed the town, and the title appeared to be good.

This is the common law of the land, and is a tacit condition annexed to the creation of every such corporation.