Annexing [noun]

Definition of Annexing:

something added; extension

Synonyms of Annexing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annexing:

Sentence/Example of Annexing:

But, nevertheless, in this house and not in its secret annex of a Hundred Raptures he designed to spend the night.

Th' ilivator in th' left annex fell thirteen stories Thursday, but no wan was injured.

Electricity seems destined to annex the whole field, not merely of optics, but probably also of thermotics.

Once more men began to value empire, to seek to annex new territory overseas, and to bind closer the existing possessions.

Further, Hodgeman and he built an annex out of spare timber to connect the entrance veranda with the store.

It was impolitic to annex this island to the British dominions; but having done so, it was disgraceful thus to abandon it.

After due deliberation the British government determined to annex the Punjab.

As Gordon worded his complaint, it was a case not of his wishing to annex Mtesa, but of Mtesa annexing his soldiers.

To annex Ireland would be, as a military measure, once command of the seas was gained, a comparatively easy task.

Close by is a well-equipped bath-house, with the ocean itself as an annex for more ambitious swimmers.