Annihilated [verb]

Definition of Annihilated:

destroy completely

Synonyms of Annihilated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annihilated:

Sentence/Example of Annihilated:

We’ve failed to annihilate ourselves, and for this we can be thankful.

People who have been around the block in this industry will always roll their eyes at language like “eliminate” and “annihilate” when referring to cyber threats.

As those dark matter particles annihilate with their antiparticles, they heat up the planet.

The Saints annihilated Tampa Bay, 38-3, after leading 31-0 at halftime and took control of the NFC South.

Eventually, the electron and positron do annihilate one another, Conover says.

The smiling face of man was blotted out; gratitude, virtue, were annihilated; and life had no longer an object!

Their left was surrounded and annihilated while the centre and right were driven from the field in complete rout.

At this very time your purpose is known to the world; and, before we can prevent it, the bank may be run upon and annihilated.

British pasture farming was to be annihilated, and an immense stimulus given to that of our continental rivals.

On that very road a battalion of Uhlans had been annihilated almost to a man at the outbreak of the Great War.