Annihilating [verb]

Definition of Annihilating:

destroy completely

Synonyms of Annihilating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annihilating:

Sentence/Example of Annihilating:

With LeBron as Butler’s primary defender, the Heat set screen after screen and forced switch after switch until their best player was face-to-face with a defender he could annihilate.

All it takes to annihilate that agenda’s barest hope of passage is to do nothing.

Now, after years of reliably churning out huge profits, it’s been annihilated in the span of a few months by the coronavirus pandemic.

To pretend that God can be offended with the actions of men, is to annihilate all the ideas that are given to us of this being.

They are the spontaneous enemies of truth because they justly apprehend it will annihilate their pretensions.

Does crossing the sea change or annihilate the churchmanship of the missionary, or the passenger, or the emigrant?

It compelled the foe to abandon Heilsberg, but it did not annihilate him or necessarily end the war.

The army he had hoped to annihilate was on its steady and orderly march for Richmond.

I cannot annihilate myself for you, and endure so improbable a tale.

He resolved to annihilate the unruly corps and anathematize their name.