Annihilations [noun]

Definition of Annihilations:

utter destruction.

Synonyms of Annihilations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annihilations:

Sentence/Example of Annihilations:

She just likes thinking about the end — the annihilation of Earth, the solar system, our galaxy and especially the universe.

The object of these scarli is to manifest the popular exultation at the annihilation of feudal tyranny.

To his excited imagination, we time and again escaped complete wreck and annihilation by a mere hair's breadth.

Its history was no doubt as stirring as that of others of the border castles, which more fortunately escaped annihilation.

Annihilation of ones own identity in the moment is possible in natures domainnever in mans.

To wish to separate technique from poetry is a modern folly which will lead to nothing but the annihilation of Art itself.

Russia was left to seek the annihilation of its existence as a separate nation at her pleasure.

But still the magnificence of the spectacle appealed to my eyes, and my feeling of annihilation gave place to enthusiasm.

A phrase which spoke of a soul bruised out of life and rushing to annihilation would have been more precise.

They say such thoughts are sinful, but annihilation is preferable to an aimless, loveless existence.