Anniversaries [noun]

Definition of Anniversaries:

yearly observance, celebration

Synonyms of Anniversaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anniversaries:


Sentence/Example of Anniversaries:

The month of October brought round one of the most disagreeable anniversaries in my life.

The meetings to which family anniversaries gave rise filled in the future of earthly joy to them.

Henry and Maria had many hearty friends to keep their many anniversaries.

As it was one of the anniversaries of the denomination, thousands were present to hear the discourse.

He had a mortal dislike, poor Stransom, to lean anniversaries, and loved them still less when they made a pretence of a figure.

In London a festival takes place only every fifty years, and yesterday was one of these anniversaries.

The shadow of Mr. Archibald seemed doomed to rest upon our anniversaries.

They are simply places where men assemble on certain anniversaries, to pray for the dead.

These days are derived from those yearly anniversaries which were common in the primitive ages.

For any more personal purpose New Year's day eclipses all particular anniversaries.