Annotates [verb]

Definition of Annotates:

write explanatory notes

Synonyms of Annotates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annotates:

Sentence/Example of Annotates:

An AI trained to recognize cancer from a slew of medical scans, annotated in yellow marker by a human doctor, could learn to associate “yellow” with “cancer.”

This kind of labeling and reconstruction is necessary to make sense of the vast datasets in connectomics, and have traditionally required armies of undergraduate students or citizen scientists to manually annotate all chunks.

To make any sense of these images, and in turn, what the brain is doing, the parts of neurons have to be annotated in three dimensions, the result of which is a wiring diagram.

Once a video is annotated with a topic, it is associated with IAB’s categories to be monetized.

You should annotate your reports to document these indexing bugs during the month of September through October 14th.

Photos that someone took and posted are scraped from the web, and low-wage workers on platforms such as Amazon Mechanical Turk annotate those photos to make them into training data.

Madame Beattie threw back her plumed head and laughed, the same laugh she had used to annotate the stories.

He read industriously for some time, occasionally pausing to annotate; and once or twice he raised his head and listened.

He would annotate three hundred volumes for a page of facts.

To annotate it in detail would be to spoil its completeness.