Annotators [noun]

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Evelyn was a most laborious annotator, never employing an amanuensis: among his MSS.

Could a marginal annotator expand this into the talk about God, her French dowry, her various titles and pretensions?

Suppose that the annotator recorded this gossip about the poisoning of Lady Bothwell on the margin.

The annotator further says 253, "It is needless to comment upon such hearsay statements, received from an African traveller."

Precision, unfavourable to truth, according to Mungo Park's annotator, 446.

The score of Pelléas et Mélisande ill brooks the short and ruthless method of the thematic annotator.

Well, first of all, he would be a living man, and not an annotator of the past.

If this be the meaning in our quotation, the appearance described is unrecognized by the present annotator.

Pope asked Broome to make a digest for him of the notes of Eustathius, the 12th-century annotator of Homer.

Mansel, the editor and annotator of his "Lectures," has very distinctly and emphatically expressed his dissent.