Announced [adjective]

Definition of Announced:

made widely known

Synonyms of Announced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Announced:

Sentence/Example of Announced:

It was with a feeling of relief on both sides that the arrival of Mr. Haggard, of the Home Office, was announced.

Then the door opened, the portiere was swept aside, and Anselme announced "Monsieur de Garnache."

He sat glum and thoughtful, his mind in unproductive travail, until the captain was announced.

When Captain d'Aubran was announced to him, he bade them ask him to come again in an hour's time.

“The sepoys have come in from Meerut,” he announced with the slow tick of the earliest form of apparatus.

Then he suddenly went in for politics and announced himself an uncompromising Liberal.

"Jack wants you to go for a walk," announced Miss Thangue, who saw no occasion for subtlety.

Santa Cruz embraced him, with more agitation than his stately mien might have announced.

He presented his card to the corpulent and powdered footman; he was announced; he was ushered in.

"Monsieur, here comes your supper now," he announced, as his wife reentered from the kitchen with a laden tray.