Annoys [verb]

Definition of Annoys:

irritate, upset

Synonyms of Annoys:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annoys:

Sentence/Example of Annoys:

I think that the mere fact that my hair annoys Mr. Baxter is sufficient justification for its length.

The air is oppressive with tobacco smoke; the boisterous talk of the men playing cards near by annoys me.

But, dear Vyvyan, do not put on such an impertinent and indifferent manner; it annoys Sir Rollo exceedingly.

It annoys me dreadfully: and yet if I take a glass of claret, I have a headache the next day!

It is administered in a happy-go-lucky manner, which amuses at the same time that it annoys.

It annoys me to think that not until the Germans vacated the gardens was this entrance fee charged.

This sulkiness annoys us more than anything else, but we also get very angry with him for being afraid of everything.

"I shall not invite any one in if it annoys you, father," answered a sweet, musical voice.

Nothing annoys me now; I feel perfectly at home, and shall really be comfortable when I have all my little matters about me.

The one thing which annoys M. Royer-Collard, (and it annoys him very much) is Guizot and all his works.