Annuities [noun]

Definition of Annuities:

fee; installment of fee

Opposite/Antonyms of Annuities:




Sentence/Example of Annuities:

From affluence he came to want, and in his old age a fund was raised sufficient to purchase him an annuity of £600 a year.

A Norfolk lady has left an annuity of seventy pounds for the support of her two favourite cats.

About noon comes my uncle Thomas to me to ask for his annuity, and I did tell him my mind freely.

She had saved her share of the annuity which the Government paid the Indians, and had about one thousand dollars in specie.

For this work he received a gold medal and an annuity for life.

Did Shelley tell you a singular story about Mrs. B. having received an annuity which will make up in part for her loss?

Yet for all the subsequent years, during the term of the annuity, it will be six and three quarters per cent.

To my nephew, Saul Harrington, one hundred pounds a year, raised as hereinafter specified by a Government annuity.

"Tell him his annuity is worth three years' purchase," said the old man from within, with a strange unearthly effort at a laugh.

It proved to be a three-per-cent annuity worth two thousand francs.