Annulate [adjective]

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Thus vertebrate and annulate embryos agree in certain points at the time of the formation of the primitive streak.

In eggs with yolk, whether vertebrate or annulate, there is always a separation into an animal and a plastic layer.

The longitudinal type characterises such genera as Vibrio, Filaria, Gordius, and all the annulate animals.

He made researches on a very singular annulate worm, the Fabricia.

Cross rings may or may not be present, and the cup is either smooth or annulate.

Shell annulate, thick-walled, urceolate, with slight collar stricture.

This disappears as the cap expands, sometimes leaving the stem obscurely annulate.

Abdomen not annulate nor prolonged behind; eight legs in the adult stage.

This is a beautiful species, easily known by its discoidal or almost annulate sporangia mounted upon short dark black stipes.