Annulated [adjective]

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The third is the ouistiti, remarkable for large tufts of hair round his face, and an annulated tail.

When young this alga consists of an annulated tube formed of a single cell.

The hair on the chest is annulated, but paler than on the shoulders, and it is especially dense on the lower part.

It is marked with broad, distinct, blackish transverse stripes, and the tail is annulated with similar ones.

Central capsule cylindrical, commonly annulated (corresponding to the transverse annular constrictions of the cortical shell).

It is distinguished from the last genus by the non-annulated tail.

The word “annulated” is also used in, heraldry and architecture.

The third class are called articulated animals, having envelopes connected by annulated plates, or rings.

The numerous joints in the annulated abdomen of the Stichocyrtida commonly exhibit little variety.

The Government bonds annulated (repudiated)and even if I had more moneybelieve methere is nothing to buy.