Annulled [verb]

Definition of Annulled:

void an agreement

Synonyms of Annulled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annulled:

Sentence/Example of Annulled:

Fitzhugh soon had a change of heart, the unconsumated marriage was annulled and she returned to Memphis.

Likewise, his poll taxes are cancelled and annulled for the three years next preceding if he has an honorable discharge.

Andrea held up her hand to appease the patrician, whose exaggeration annulled his superiority.

But the bold expedients adopted by the engineer annulled the bending action.

Every distinction which difference of religion or form of government can occasion is here annulled.

Admit this doctrine, and you give to the States an uncontrolled right to decide, and every law may be annulled under this pretext.

The British Parliament could not have annulled or revoked this grant as an act of ordinary legislation.

But though they had got what they asked, the Carthaginians annulled the compact by an act of perfidy towards us.

And all and every decree conflicting therewith is hereby specifically revoked and annulled.

She can't divorce, as you know better than I do, and she told George it was not a marriage that could be annulled.