Annulments [noun]

Definition of Annulments:

voiding an agreement

Opposite/Antonyms of Annulments:

Sentence/Example of Annulments:

He then succeeded in taking away the ancient rights of the town, upon the annulment of which he had set his mind.

Shiela, dear, some day will you very quietly ask some woman the difference between divorce and annulment?

It would make new complications, application of annulment—oh, innumerable opportunities to harass you.

The assembly was greatly alarmed and directed its agents to seek the annulment of this patent also.

Impotence, when anterior to marriage, may be put forward as a ground for annulment by either party.

Her flight doubtless was in some way connected with the forced annulment of her marriage.

Chile replied by curtly demanding the annulment of the secret treaty and an assurance of Peruvian neutrality.

We therefore could not exercise extreme pressure on Germany, as we were unable to effect the annulment of those treaties.

The superior court shall have jurisdiction of all matters of divorce and for the annulment of marriage.

Philippe began proceedings to obtain an annulment of the marriage, which, he asseverated, had never been consummated.